Indigenously African

Our products are developed from food knowledge of our elders and ancestry.

Our raw material is sourced from subsistence farmers in our rural communities still using organic farming methods.

We use modern technology in our production processes.

Our team

We have a dedicated team of directors, managers, shop floor workers and sales personnel that are trained on various aspects of our operations and inducted on the values, vision and mission of our organization to ensure smooth running of activities towards achieving our objectives and harmonious industrial relations.

The value of the human asset in our team is leveraged on the experience of rural and urban life, self love, insight into historical and current business and social trends and the ability to identify a self growth path in the organization. Being the vital components of the machinery that delivers our finest, healthiest first generation food stuffs to our customers we treat each other with the utmost respect by above all embracing BOTHO/UBUNTU which is the fundamental basis on which the team got together.

Our vision

To become a leader in the preservation of Afrika’s legacy of indigenous nutrition.

Our mission
To preserve Afrika’s legacy of indigenous nutrition.
To stimulate economic development in our rural communities.
To create wealth for our members, employees and communities.

Our values
Respect for ecology