Boitumelo Moeng

Kokomana ya Bakwena, setlogolo sa Bo-Kgafela, tshetlhana ya ba Mosetlha Magana-le-Kgomo, Kgabo-Mokgatla ngwana wa Moeng. Has over 10 years of business experience, with formal education in the fields of Science, Finance and Business Management.

Our humility is engraved in our culture; our culture embodies our language, our food, our spirit, and our way of life. We live (as a people) and operate (as a business) with the knowledge that “motho ke motho ka batho”… we are because you are. Khora respects its community of suppliers, its employees and its customers, because they are the building blocks of who and what Khora truly is.

Kgolelo-Pele (growing forward):vWe believe that nurturing new talent, investing in the communities from which our raw material is sourced, and constant engagement with our customers are some of the aspects that will ensure that we sustainably continue to reach new heights.

We believe that unity (working together) and collective self-reliance is vital to our social and economic wellbeing. We are the indigenous people of the continent… We are unique in our existence… And we are proudly African… Our People are Our Business…

Thadishe Phoku

“Go phela gabotse mmeleng, moyeng le mogopolong, go thoma ka go hlokomela dijo, thuto le tumelo tse o fepago bophelo bja gago ka tsona. Khora Afrika ke motswedi o oka itshepang ona wa bohwa bja dijo tse tla go fang tekatekanelo ye bophelo bja gago bo e hlokang moAfrika.

We pride ourselves with indigenous foods knowledge upon which our product range and processes are developed. We use only organic raw inputs to produce a variety of foodstuffs, condiments and beverages that gives you a balanced and healthy life.

These are values core to our operations:

  • Our heritage is fertile ground to grow our business.
  • Our integrity ensures the quality of our products.
  • Our humanity regulates relations with our customers, suppliers and communities.
  • Our environment ensures our sustainability.

Our founding statements

South Africa is in many respects a very rich country, among its riches is the nutrition found in the indigenous crops and foods upon which generations of indigenous people have lived and survived.

We adopt the methods and format with which they were traditionally prepared and consumed to modern life style and produce a variety of condiments and beverages and this, is our contribution to a healthier global community and to the eradication of poverty in our rural communities.